• Shoko

    Night Club
  • Fresh from their success in Barcelona, the team behind Shoko have opened this stylish, Asian-themed club in the unlikely location of Calle Toledo. Why unlikely? Because this working-class end of the city is not the first place you'd expect to find a venue that is so obviously trying to attract a well-heeled crowd. But it is doing well in that respect, pulling in smartly turned-out punters thanks to its feng shui interior and adjoining restaurant.

    The soundtrack from the resident DJs has a suitably cool, deep house vibe, although the fact that the venue has yet to be properly soundproofed means that the entire neighbourhood gets to 'enjoy' the tunes. Often used for corporate events and presentations, the club is a bit of a magnet for local VIPs, in particular those from the media world, so make sure you know who you're chatting too - it might just be a famosillo. 

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