• Palacio Gaviria

    Night Club
  • When Palacio Gaviria, a 19th-century palace, was converted into this Madrid nightclub, the unimaginable occurred. All of the original ceiling frescos and other Baroque touches were retained, so when you come here, it really is like attending a party at the palace.
    \r\nOnce you've glided up the sweeping staircase entrance, you will find yourself in a labyrinth of rooms, each catering to a different crowd. Usually the Latino room is the most crammed, but it depends on the night of the week. Where else can you chill out in an authentically-decorated palace drawing room, or dance salsa in a grand dining room?
    \r\nThursday nights are best avoided: it's 'International Night', and hundreds of young Spanish and foreign students and ex-pats wear badges to indicate their home country and desperately try to make friends. The rest of the week, the crowd is as mixed as you could find, but that's what makes this place special.

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