• Gabana 1800

    All Night
  • Join the Hola! crowd at Gabana 1800, one of the most exclusive nightclubs in Madrid where the queuing continues well into the early hours. The arrogant doormen at Gabana 1800 rudely ignore most newcomers, but will turn on the charm as the regulars step out of their convertible sports cars. However, grin and bear it, keep up an air of superiority and you'll soon be in.
    \r\nPretty much everyone here is gorgeous and immaculately turned out (otherwise they wouldn't gain entry). The few that aren't must have got here very early. The DJs play mostly cheesy commercial tunes, catering for Spanish tastes, but you probably won't be able to push your way onto the dance-floor anyway.
    \r\nIt's pretty dark - so girls, if you want to get noticed, wear something bright and glittery. You might even find yourself in the Madrid society pages.

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